Monday, December 28, 2015

Lyla's Development (18 Months)

Lyla turned 18 months on the 21st, when I was knee-deep in Christmas prep and Christmas fun. So I'm doing her update now :).

Lyla is super silly. Her personality definitely drifts towards Brielle's. These days, she crawls around on the floor roar-ing like a lion, she climbs on tables or anything if there's an opportunity to eat candy (she's a total sweet tooth), she screams when she's happy and she screams when she's upset, she adores baby dolls, she sleeps wonderfully, she likes spinning in circles until she gets dizzy, and she tries hard to keep up with her sisters and be louder than them. She was just starting to take steps at 15 months, but in the last three months, she has learned to walk consistently and run to keep up :) 

She does really well with going to other people. She goes to her Sunday School class without any issues, and she loves to be held by all her relatives. She also likes being held upside down and being thrown up high :)

She loves her paci and blanky. We usually plan to drop the pacifier around two years old. I remember that Brielle had hers all the time at this age and I was worried about getting rid of it, but then it wasn't a big deal at all. I'm hoping it's the same with Lyla. 

She's fairly obedient, despite her crazy and silly personality. If we tell her to give something to us or to stop doing something, she typically obeys. However, she does like making mischief. And usually in the pantry. She's thrown away several of my spices (some I've found, some I haven't). And once I found her like this, surrounded by corn starch.

She's a happy child. She has her meltdowns and her screamfests (she's my first screamer), but the majority of the time, she's happy. She's especially happy when people are playing with her and being with her, but she can play on her own for short amounts of time too.

8am- Wake, Breakfast
10am- Nap (an hour)
12pm- Lunch
2pm- Nap (2 hours), followed by snack
5:30pm- Dinner
8pm- Bedtime

Likes: Blanky, paci, food (especially sweets), drinks, baby dolls, swinging, being held upside down and thrown up in the air, brushing her teeth (eating toothpaste), talking loudly, going places (she gets so excited when we get her coat and shoes out)

Dislikes: Baths (she's back to not liking them at all, sigh), being told no, when her sisters have something she wants (especially candy), when she can't get her socks and shoes off

Words: hi, bye bye, belly button, bottle, ball, all done, yucky, help, mama, up, thank you, peek a boo, book... and she shakes her head no :)

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  1. I sure do love that sweet little Lyla Jubilee!! Love, Grandma