Monday, January 11, 2016

Sophie Makes

Some things I love about Sophie is that she has such a sweet heart and a great imagination. 

We don't have a TV in our house, and one day she told me she wanted to watch TV, and she said, "I know how I can! Just wait, and I will show you." So she went to work cutting apart a paper bag. She ended up with a bag as her TV with a show on it and a remote control to change the channel. It was so cute. :)

One thing that is hard about homemade gifts is making them without your kids knowing. They're with me pretty much all the time, so inevitably, I sometimes just had to work on the gifts around them. So, Sophie knew I was making a doll for her and Brielle, and she wanted to make one for Lyla. I thought she was just going to draw one on a paper, but she had been so observant to how I made hers, that she knew she needed to make a front and a back for her doll, and she wanted to stuff it with polyfil. She worked hard on it, and she was so careful to keep it hidden from Lyla and only work on it during her nap time (unlike me).

I thought it was so sweet that she was making a gift for Lyla, that I asked her if she wanted to make a picture book for Brielle. She picked out the pictures she wanted, glued them all on a page, painted each of the pages, and wrote on each of the pages. She did nearly the whole book by herself!

Brielle loved her book. She looked through it all right when she opened it.

Sophie also made a gingerbread house (the one in the middle... mine is on the left and Brielle's on the right)... and this is Lyla sneaking all the candy off. We had to move them to higher ground after this.