Friday, April 15, 2016

Sophie Turns FIVE

My beautiful firstborn turned five at the end of March! I am so thankful for these five years of being her Mama. They have gone SO fast! But I have also grown and changed as a person so much in those five years, that I'm sure I couldn't ever go back. 

Sophie's personality is easy for me to target, as she is so much like me. She is truly a firstborn. She is an obedient rule-follower, she is cautious, she is intelligent, she is bossy, she is social, and she's a helper. She loves to learn (her math book for next school year came in the mail the other day, and she begged to start that very day), loves to be read to (she always asks for one more book or one more chapter), loves to imagine and play, loves to make things, loves to play with her friends, loves when I let her watch shows and movies, and loves her swim lessons.

For her birthday party, we decided to do a little friend party because she loves being with her friends so much. She would have preferred a big friend party, but I know my limits, and I'm glad we kept it small as there were some things that were difficult (like sharing new toys and making all the little girls feel included). We (okay, I) decided to have a butterfly party. I can't handle any more Frozen. BUT she did really want a Frozen cake, so she got a butterfly birthday party with a Frozen ice cream cake (which seems appropriate, yes? :) ). At her birthday party, she wanted to give a presentation on the life of a butterfly (all her own idea)... it was so cute. She had a plastic easter egg that she put on a leaf to show her friends. Then she opened the egg, and the caterpillar (a spiral noodle) came out. Then we showed them how caterpillars go into their cocoons by wrapping her in toilet paper. When she broke out, she had her butterfly wings on and she flew around. It was sweet :) Other than that, the girls enjoyed playing, eating food, and opening gifts. Brielle cried because she wanted to sit next to Sophie at the table when it was cake time. Sweet little girl loves her big sister.

Sophie's friends Miriam and Liora (sisters) and her friend Khloe. Brielle was also a birthday party attendee, but she refused to be in the picture. :p 

For her birthday dinner, Sophie had Mickey mouse pancakes, cantaloupe, raspberries, and grape juice.

For her gifts from us, she got two books, a Shutterfly photo album of her life from last year (the girls love looking at their photo albums), flowers from daddy, and a high chair for her dolls that Ben and I made.

This past year, Sophie has learned how to read (she still is just a beginner reader, but it's amazing to see all that she has learned!). She has learned to have confidence in the water and to put her head under and get her eyes wet :) She has learned to confidently ride a bike (with training wheels). She has learned how to take care of several things, like hamsters, rabbits, and plants. She dresses herself and loves picking out her own clothes. She can buckle herself in her carseat. She sometimes washes her own dishes and sweeps the floor. She can make her own bed. She learned to add (small numbers) all on her own! One day, out of the blue, she just started saying, "Hey mom, 3 plus 3 is 6. 2 plus 5 is 7." She's really growing up!

Sophie Sayings:
(I'm realizing that Sophie is saying more intelligent and wise things these days but less cute and funny things. She is growing up! It's sad and wonderful all at the same time.)
- "Mommy, the moon is nocturnal."
- (Talking about the Israelites wandering in the wilderness): "They were like, 'Our God is taking too long so we will make a new one.' But a golden calf couldn't have brought them out of Egypt."
- (Talking about Brielle): "Almost three years? She's old!"
- "Some day I'm going to own all the things with animals, like pet stores and the zoo."
- Me (while working on reading): "I need a break from you struggling." Sophie: "And I need a break from myself struggling!"
- "I went to the store and got myself a husband, and today I'm going to get married to him."
- "I think I will marry Calvin, but if he doesn't love me, I'll marry Westyn."
- "Brielle's not as good as how you trained me, huh?"
- "I think I smell vanilla... or maybe poop."
- (After hearing that someone died): "God must have wanted him in heaven with him."
- "I would tell my dad if anything very dangerous was really nice to me, like a bear."
- Sophie: "Did you forget?" Me: "Well, I just don't remember." Sophie: "Forget means the same thing as I don't remember."(When your child becomes smarter than you)
- "I'm going to give these cards to you to mix up because I would probably cheat. It's so hard for me to not cheat because I love to win so much."

(One day, Sophie asked to make her own campfire. Here it is :) ) 

Sophie Interview:
What's your favorite food? My favorite is, um, ice cream and other sugar things.
What's your favorite thing to play with? My doll house
What's your favorite movie or show? My favorite movie and show is Paw Patrol and 101 Dalmations
What's your favorite song? The Fruit of the Spirit
What's your favorite book? I have a lot of them! I like Lady & The Tramp and Make Way for Ducklings and Ferdinand and the Word of God and Brer Rabbit and the missionary stories. That's all I can think of.
What's your favorite color? Um... PINK!
What's your favorite Bible story? The one we just read from about the dead baby and the alive baby (where King Solomon gives wisdom).
What do you like to do with Brielle? Play outside
What do you like to do with Lyla? I like to play outside with her too. Especially when she has a naked butt. (We're potty training... incase you're wondering :p) 
What do you want to do when you get older? Tell people about Jesus and don't let people worship statues. Oh, and I want to own a pet shop! And then I would have a kitty that helps take care of it
What's your favorite animal? Kitty!
Who are your best friends? Khloe and Miriam
What makes you happy? Um, I don't know. (What do you really like doing?) I like going outside with Tiff at Grandma Walton's and playing with the kitties. And camping!
What makes you sad? When someone takes something from me. And when I don't get something that's mine when someone else is playing with it.
What are you really good at? Getting kitties that are scared to eat food.

Weight: 42 pounds  Height: 


  1. Just stumble upon your blog by chance. What a beautiful child!!! The birthday cake is cute:))

  2. I know that Sophie and I would get along just as well as you and I do; I do love me some first-borns:-P The party looks perfect--perfect for a beautiful 5-year-old (!) and perfect for a pregnant mama! Man, I love those barn doors. Sophie's cheating comment was so precious, that she could see so clearly into her heart. Corban has been feeling tender to his sin and has made similar comments. And THIS is when the good news of Jesus truly becomes GOOD NEWS!