Thursday, May 5, 2016

Baby #4 [27 Weeks Pregnant]

Somehow, I've made it to the third trimester, and I don't know how it happened. This pregnancy has flown.

Movement: Sweet baby girl #4 is doing well. She looked great in her ultrasound at 20 weeks, and she kicks and moves around often. I am now starting to feel her move around in my belly and not just simply feel the kicks... which means she's getting big!

Sickness/Pain: Thankfully, I have felt good since 12 weeks. I do have heartburn every day, but Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar seems to help. I also have some occasional pains, but nothing awful.

Weight Gain: 25 pounds. I'm fairly certain I've gained the most with this baby, but I also started off lower, so I'm probably about the same as with my others.

Fetal Heart Rate: At my appointment today, her heart rate was 144. She continues to stay on the lower end. 

Gender: Our fourth girl. We are excited :)

Everything looks great, and it has been a smooth pregnancy. I am thankful! My midwife even told me today that I have great iron levels... which I have never been told before. I'm not sure if it's our diet changes, the fermented cod liver oil pills I'm taking, or just luck, but I was happy!

My midwife comes to my house for all my appointments, and we love it! I love it because I don't have to take all the girls with me to an office and wait or find someone to watch them, and the girls love it because they get to see everything that is going on. 

The belly (and therefore the baby) continues to grow :) ....

(22 Weeks)

(26 Weeks)

I saw the picture below on the internet, and it made me laugh out loud. I definitely feel this way sometimes with three... I can only imagine how crazy four will get!


  1. #1 You finally look pregnant! ;)
    #2 If you're in the thrid tri, then that means I almost am too, WHAT?!
    #3 You make such a beautiful pregnant mama, Alisha.

    1. #4 Your piano! PRAISE THE LORD!

    2. I know, it's crazy how fast these pregnancies are going!!!! And YES praise the Lord for the piano! Lyla loves pounding away on it!

  2. praise the Lord