Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lyla's Development (TWO Years Old!)

Two years goes so much faster with your third baby than your first! I'm so thankful for these past two years with this little girl, but it sure is hard to believe that she's two! She's my first baby to turn two without already having a little sibling. It won't be long though, and her little sister will be born!  

Lyla is a fun and trying girl. She loves to be silly and to play. She loves to try everything her sisters do. She is oh so loud, though. She is loud when she is happy; she is loud when she is mad... and she's a screamer.

For her birthday, we kept it small. We had a little celebration with all the women in my family before her birthday with this paleo chocolate cake, and on her birthday, we were at Ben's parents' house, so we had a monster cookie cake and another small celebration. Small celebrations are my style, and thankfully, two year olds do not care at all :)

For her homemade gift, which I try to do for every birthday and Christmas celebration, I made her her own set of stacking dolls since she loved her sister Sophie's dolls so much.

We have tried to work on potty training with Lyla, but she hasn't had much success yet. She doesn't like to sit at all, so that's part of the problem. She has gone pee in the potty, but I think she is terrified of going poop, so once she feels like she needs to go poop, she just starts crying and screaming because she can't figure out how to get it out. I'm *hopeful* that this will pass before too long! She's really not even very impressed with getting to watch shows on my phone (which the girls never are allowed to do, so her older sisters are eager to sit next to her when she is on the potty ;) ) and with getting treats for going.

Loves: blanky, running around, wagon rides, music and dancing, baby dolls, her sisters, sweets, jumping from the foot rest to the couch, bubbles, and balloons

Dislikes: being told no, not being allowed to do what her sisters are doing, laying still for diaper changes, being buckled in her carseat

Words: She says a lot of words, although many are not very clear. She calls her blanky a "mimi," which her sisters think is cute and funny. She calls Ben "dada" but it sounds like "gaga." She says "beep beep" whenever she sees a button that you push. She calls all shoes boots no matter how many times we have tried to tell her something is a shoe. And the most interesting thing she does is that she calls both of her sisters Brielle. I can't figure it out, but it's a bit confusing!

Changes: In the last few months, she's move to a big girl bed and has given up her paci (we cut off the end of it as we did with Sophie). Both transitions have gone really well! She and Brielle share a bed, which Lyla loves (and Brielle tolerates), and taking away the paci was much easier than I anticipated.

Wake: Between 7:30 and 8:30
Nap: She usually naps for 2 1/2 hours. I think. When it's your third kid, you just don't know the exact science of sleep anymore. You just know they sleep for a while in the afternoon, and you're thankful for every minute of it. She lays down between 1 and 2, depending on the day. And she wakes up between 3 and 5, depending on the day.
Bedtime: Bedtime in the summer is always crazy, but the target time is 8:30. She and her sisters never fall asleep right away though.


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  1. Love this sweet girl! What a cutie! The picture of her holding the goat...just too adorable. And Sophie looks so old with her short hair and earrings! Love!