Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Brielle's Development [3 1/2]

Yesterday, I told Brielle that she is now three and a half, and she said, "Ohhhh. Yay!" 

Personality: Brielle has a very sweet nature about her. She is extremely loving towards her sisters, especially if they get hurt. She will say, "Aww, are you okay?" and get down and kiss Lyla's booboo or help her up. She is far more compassionate than I am. She loves her big sister, Sophie. She will follow her around and do whatever she does and is very sad when Sophie doesn't want to play with her. Sophie went to Grandma's house for 5 days this summer, and Brielle was very emotional without her. Brielle is also a cuddler. She loves to just sit with adults. She can also sit and hold a baby for so long! She is probably the most emotional of my three girls and cries easily when she is sad and her feelings are hurt. She also has recently started hitting when her sisters make her mad, which is something we have been working on. She loves to crawl in bed with Mama after Daddy goes to work in the morning :) She gets hurt the most out of my kids... a few months ago, she fell off a chair and bit her lip really bad, and she wouldn't eat for two days and couldn't talk normal for a week. It was so sad!

Talking: She continues to use funny pronouns, like by saying:
"Look at they!"
"She gave ice cream to we."

It's so cute and funny right now, and I suppose (hope) one day she'll grow out of it ... but for now, it's great. Here are some other funny/sweet things she's said lately:

Brielle: "Here are the purple undies. I'll wear the purple undies because I can't find the blue undies." Sophie: "The blue ones are on you."
Brielle: "Oh."

"I got another shirt because I bless you'd on my other one."

"My shoes have puddles in them."

"Lyla, I need to go potty and then I'll be back. Don't get out, okay?" (she had trapped her in the crib... she wasn't going to get out)

(Praying) "And thank you that we don't have applesauce." (She's at this sweet stage where she loves to pray, and she mentions everything about the day or everything coming up and says "thank you" for it even when it's something she was bummed about.)

(When I was 11 weeks pregnant) Me: "We're going to go to the hospital (to visit Evie's baby)." Brielle: "Are we gonna have your baby pop out at the hospital?"

Me: "We're eating at a restaurant tonight." Brielle: "Yay! We're eating at a restroom tonight!"

Education: I really don't work on anything in a sit-down situation with Brielle. She has been getting better at counting, but she still can't count from 1-10 without missing some numbers. I really don't worry about it because I know she'll pick it up when she needs to, but I do try to be intentional about counting things now so she hears me say numbers in order. She also doesn't know her letters, but she does recognize B now, and she always calls it her letter or her name when she sees it :) She can sit for much longer periods of time now and enjoys being read to. She continues to be good with locations and landmarks. She's gotten really good and confident at jumping in the water (with floaties) and getting her face wet, and she loves riding her bike (with training wheels).

Sleep: She is starting to wean off her afternoon nap. She still needs them about half the time. When she doesn't nap, she and Sophie play really well together which is nice because then Sophie doesn't need entertained. But I always know the days when she needs a nap because she becomes quite emotional. When she does nap, she naps about two hours. She typically has been my earliest riser in the morning (around 7:30 am), but now that she doesn't nap every day, she sometimes sleeps in until 8 or even later. She goes to bed anytime between 8 and 10... summer is crazy!

Eating: She is my best eater! She's so healthy! She loves fruits and veggies and typically prefers them over any sweets, although she does like ice cream and candy :)

Loves: Her sisters, swimming, swinging, riding her bike, blanky, baby dolls, lego mega blocks, "special" drinks like juice and soda, (real) babies, Peppa Pig (to the bane of existence)

Dislikes: Saying good bye to family members, Sophie bossing her around, Lyla screaming, having to take a nap, waking up (she is typically grumpy and needy when she wakes up)


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  1. Such an adorable little girl you have there. Thank you for sharing the little adventures she had with us. Hope to see her grow into one amazing women.