Monday, July 3, 2017

Violet's Development (10 Months)

Last month, Violet turned 10 months. She has been learning so many things lately!

9 Months: Grew her third tooth (bottom right), is an excellent eater and traveller, loves being outdoors and doesn't mind the grass, babbles a lot and has started waving "hi."

10 Months: Grew her fourth tooth (top middle), learned to clap, learned to army crawl and then crawl on all fours, says "dada" and "mama" now. She also loves to click her tongue!

Likes: being outside, nursing, mommy, blanket, food, people singing and clapping, being tickled (for about 15 seconds)

Dislikes: baths in the bathtub, seeing mommy but not being held, sisters holding her down

Personality: Violet is a fourth child, so she knows how to go with the flow. Her schedule gets interrupted a lot, and she does fairly well with it. She is a happy baby, but she's also a serious and contemplative baby. She loves mommy best and prefers being held. Since learning how to crawl, she enjoys exploring, but she still loves being close to mommy best.

Schedule: She often sleeps through the night now, but it's not unusual for her to wake up around 4am to nurse. I think if she took a pacifier, I could get her to go back to sleep with that, but she refuses to take one. She takes two naps, one where she lays down around 10am and sleeps around two hours, and the other where she lays down around 2 or 3pm and sleeps for an hour or two. During the day, her naps total 3-4 hours typically.

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  1. Yay for a blog update! She's beautiful and shares so many features with Sophie.