Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Violet's Development (1 Year!)

Violet is one. I cannot even believe it! I literally can’t wrap my head around this little girl being one. The year flew! We have loved getting to know this little girl.

Personality: She is becoming so fun! She loves our kitten. She loves playing peek-a-boo and singing If You’re Happy and You Know It (and clapping her hands). She clicks her tongue often, and she loves to mimic people. If I click my tongue, she copies. If I make a kissy noise, she makes a kissy noise. If I say “mmm,” she says “mmm.”  If I stick my tongue out, she sticks hers out. She calls every animal a kitty J She loves being pushed around in our Cozy Coupe car. Brielle plays games where she will hide and then run up to her and make noises, and Violet giggles so hard J  Brielle can’t stand to hear Violet cry, and so she always runs up to try to make her happy right away when she starts crying. She can be very needy, though, and loves to be held by Mommy... I think almost every one of my girls has been like this.

Development: She is a fast crawler. She loves to pull up on things to stand, but she has only stood on her own for a quick second. No walking yet J She has eight teeth.

Words: Mama,  Dadda, kitty, boo, uh oh

Loves: Mommy, kitty, blanky, food, Camelbak water bottle, being pushed in the Cozy Coupe, clapping, peek-a-boo, water (splash pads, lakes)

Dislikes: Not being held, diaper changes, sisters dragging her around and holding her down :p  

Schedule: Being the fourth child, she really just has to go with the flow, but her rough schedule is:

7am- Wake up
9am- Nap (for anywhere between 1-2 hours)
2pm- Nap (for anywhere between 1-2 hours)
8pm- Bedtime

She nurses 3-4 times still. This is more than my other girls nursed at this age, as most of them weaned right around a year. Violet doesn't take a pacifier so that has been difficult as pacifiers are such wonderful soothers! I've enjoyed nursing though, and I know this phase will be over before I know it, so I'm enjoying it while it's here.

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