Thursday, November 23, 2017

Violet's Development (15 Months)

Personality: Oh, sweet Violet. I'm so thankful for her :) She is very sweet. She literally says hi to everyone we walk by. I love it. She also gives big smiles to people, especially if she knows them! She gives hugs and kisses, and when she hugs, she lays her head on your shoulder and pats your back. She also has a bit of a fierce side though, as she has to keep up with three older sisters, and particularly one three year old who loves to be in charge of her one younger sister ;). She loves to look through books... probably because she sees us do it so often :) She enjoys walking along with anything that she can push, like a stroller or a chair. She does really well when other people watch her, like in the nursery at church or with grandparents. She just loves, loves, LOVES animals, just like her big sister Sophie! We got a kitten recently, and she loves to pick it up (poor kitty!), but apparently the kitty likes her too because I have found it in her crib quite a few times!

Developments: She's getting so big! In the last three months, she started taking steps, and in her 14th month, she dropped crawling and now only walks! She was very determined to learn to walk, and she fell all the time but didn't care :) She goes up and down stairs really well. I think when you're the fourth child, you learn things like this quickly because Mom can't keep up and has become much more laid back.  She is picking up more words and becoming better at expressing what she wants (which also sometimes happens by screaming or crying). She gives hugs and kisses now... aw, I love when babies learn this, and her hugs are so sweet! She finally likes baths! She sometimes brings me diapers now when she has gone poop, haha! She also loves throwing away trash... even things that aren't trash. She's a good eater, though she can be picky at times.

Favorite Foods: Berries, bananas, pancakes, oatmeal, veggie straws, eggs, green beans, and any and all desserts

Words: mom, dad, kitty, boo, uh-oh (12 month words) + blanky, Daisy (what she thinks all dogs are named), drink, book, yuck, thank you, please, chicken (although, it's possible she's calling them kitty haha!). I also think she knows all her sisters' names.

Likes: animals (she loves them all, but especially kitties and little doggies!), food, blanky, baby dolls, books, family, going outside, music, dancing, hugs

Dislikes: Waiting for food, dirty diapers, being strapped in her carseat, having something taken away from her

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