Sunday, March 11, 2018

Brielle Turns FIVE

Brielle turned 5 the end of January. What a joy to celebrate her!

Brielle has a sweetheart personality. She is my quietest child, and she also has a big heart of compassion. She runs to help anyone who gets hurt, and she dislikes when people are unhappy, so she nearly always accommodates them, even if it means giving up something she wanted. She is very motherly. It is always hard for me to say what her favorite things are, but truly, I think that's because her favorite thing is people. She loves people, and she always wants to be with them. She wants to do whatever the people around her want to do, because that's what makes her happy. 

Funny/Sweet Things:
- "I'm going to get a soup and a cracker for you for Mother's Day and a chocolate for daddy for Mother's Day." (yes, she said mother's day both times haha!)
- "You're anking my hair!" 
- "Grandma, your fridge is sinking again!" (she meant leaking haha!)
- "We're going to cut up the chubbiest watermelon."
- Whenever she has the hiccups, she says, "I have the hook ups!"
- After burping, she told me, "My stomach doesn't hurt anymore now that I got my excuse out of my throat."
- "Mommy, I'm going to live with you forever."

We don't do any formal pre school work. She has learned how to write her whole name now, simply from seeing me write it. She also can write all of her sisters' names and mom, dad, and Ben. When we read stories and she sees two of the same word on a page, she always asks me what the word is. It's been a joy to watch her learn, as I haven't pushed anything. It's incredible to see how their own curiosity pushes them to ask questions and discover learning.

For her birthday, I decided to do things a little differently. She loves people, and she especially loves all her extended family. But I didn't really feel like planning a birthday party. I decided, instead, that we would visit all of her family members on her birthday! We began our day by opening gifts at breakfast. At lunchtime, we went to her favorite restaurant to eat, and then we started our rounds. We first visited Aunt Nikki at the bank. I asked each of the family members to forego gifts but to get her a balloon. I thought it would be fun for her to have a bouquet of balloons at the end of the day. After visiting Aunt Nikki and getting her balloon, we went on to visit Aunt Brianna and Aunt Brittany at their jobs, and then we went to my mom's house, where she got to see all her cousins whom my mom was babysitting. We sang to her there, and we cut and ate her cake. After that, we went to visit Uncle Nate and Aunt Kelly and cousins at their house. We ended our day at her other grandparents' house with dinner and her final balloon (and some flowers!). It was a really fun (but long!) day, and Brielle really enjoyed all of the special attention.

Loves: family, her blanky, eating, taking care of her little sisters, making people happy

Dislikes: being left out, saying good byes

What's your favorite food? Apples and bananas
What's your favorite thing to play with? My bow and arrow that I got for my birthday
What's your favorite movie or show? My favorite show is Puffin Rock. My favorite movie is Little House on the Prairie 
What's your favorite song? Away in a manger
What"s your favorite verse? The Lord is my shepherd
What's your favorite book? The Going to Bed Book
What's your favorite color? Yellow, like my Mommy
What's your favorite Bible story? The ten men went to Jesus because they were really sick, for Jesus to heal them. One man went back to Jesus to thank him for healing them.
What do you like to do with Sophie? My favorite thing to do is to play house.
What do you like to do with Lyla? Jump on the couches and the bed and to take the pillow cushions off
What do you like to do with Violet? Play house
What do you like to do with Daddy and Mommy? I like to hug Mommy and Dada
What do you want to do when you get older? Get a phone
Okay, what do you want to BE when you get older? I want to be a vet
What's your favorite animal? Kitties and goats and all the animals in the world
Who are your best friends? Emma and Jaeda and Khloe and Bowen 
What makes you happy? Watching a movie and playing
What makes you sad? When someone throws something at me
What are you really good at? Doing my bow and arrow



  1. Hi, I'm Missy. I haven't said much to you yet. I teared up a few times during this post, simple and beautiful. I love the way you take a moment to focus on your children. I love the warm and simple whites in the style of your home. This inspires me to write down what my kids say more often. I don't know much about your back story yet, but I have 4 kiddos so when I get a sec I look at your Insta page. Found you through Charlotte mason etc. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank you for the note <3 I do these posts because I love having them for my own record, but I always love hearing that others enjoy them too! I don't find time to write down as much as I used to... but I try to still do it as much as possible because I know older me will be so glad I did! Four kids makes these days go so fast, huh?! Thanks for reaching out and saying hi!

  2. This is a lovely baby girl. Its smile is going to fascinate everyone. Keep sharing the nice post. Remove Black Magic Expert in Dehradun

  3. Mm, A, these words are so sweet. Thank you for sharing them with me. I remember you looking at me in the garage and telling me that I was the only person besides your dad that you felt unconditionally loved by. I think I’ve really felt freedom through these progressive searching to trust that our love is real and meaningful. I think the hardest part about letting you go is not being able to be that person for you. At first, it will feel personal to me and will hurt me. But I will work through those feelings quick, and then I will feel deeply sad that I can’t show you the love and care for you that I will always have for you. I know you too well to let go of caring about you. We’ve shared too much together. I think about how I knew you so much less in 14 and how so much of it was just fun back then and then I think about how after 4 years of silence and you showed up at my place and all the feelings were there still, and I can’t quite imagine what it’s going to be like this time except that the feelings are all stronger and I know the love is real. I love loving you. I love for you to know you’re loved like exactly for who you are. Because that is who I love- you, in your deepest and truest form. The ups and downs and all arounds ;) And also I love coming together.

  4. So read and process what I wrote up above before reading this one. Sometimes I hate writing you a completely new thought before you’ve read the last one because I have figured out that you cling to the last one I wrote often and kind of forget or at least don’t respond to the others. So I just want you to feel my full love in the one above first :) Ok, so I talked to my cousin tonight for a while, and she was being vulnerable with me about stories, like told me right after her divorce that she got drunk a lot and then was sleeping for 6 weeks with a guy who went to our church in Warsaw and then thought she was pregnant bc her period came 3 weeks late. And she’s telling me how she told this guy and they had already stopped sleeping together at this point but they were like discussing what they were going to do and how they would tell his parents whom she also knew, and then she told me how now they see each other a lot and it’s kind of a weird connection they have bc they thought they might be having a baby together. And yeah, wished in that moment that I could tell her I understand a little better than she might realize ;) but I didn’t of course. But yeah, a lot of times it feels shocking to me to think I’ve slept with two people but then my cousin helps me remember that probably the real shocker is that I’ve ONLY slept with two people ;)
    And did I tell you that one of my greatest struggles after 14 was that I never felt like I felt sorry enough. Like I felt like I missed you too much and wanted you back too much and love everything we had too much to feel sorry the way I felt like I should... to feel repentant the way I felt like I should. And like, when we look at God as a holy God who can’t stand to look on sin, then to me that said something was wrong with me. Why didn’t I feel worse? Why couldn’t I see what we had as awful and horrid? Like, I felt sorry that I had hurt people and truly felt remorse for that. But not for what we did. So I’ve always struggled with what that said about my love for the Lord bc I wanted to love him, and this progressive thinking has helped free me from some of that. Like, when love is the goal (I’d say that’s the end idea of progressive theology... how do I love others well in this day and age?), I can feel remorse over hurting b and hurting j. But I can also acknowledge that there was true love and care between you and me and that I don’t regret knowing that, experiencing that, loving that. I suppose I feel freedom to finally feel the complexities of it all and to not feel guilty in that.

  5. Thanks for telling me to read rob bells book several months back. I thought it was great that you were reading it but would have never picked it up to read on my own if the person I love most hadn’t asked me to ;) Like I said yesterday morning to you, it and the other book basically are what sent me on this catalyst of searching out progressive ideas. I listened to a podcast tonight with rob bell, who I previously refused to listen to bc “he didn’t really teach true Christian Faith” ... and wow, his love for the Bible was so refreshing and exciting, and it makes me mad at all the people who disrespect him... and also sad that I previously looked down on him when I knew nothing. He so clearly loves and knows his Bible. I’m getting ready to read a book that’s somewhat similar by a different author, and I’ll have to let you know how it is when I finish. Get ready for another book suggestion ;) Love you.