Sunday, December 8, 2019

Christmas Gift Guide: For Children Under 10

I had a few friends request that I make a gift guide or recommend gift ideas to them. I had great intentions of publishing this list in the middle of November, and I started it then, but alas, I am only just finally finishing it. I apologize to all of those early shoppers like myself, but if you need a last minute gift idea or want ideas for the future, here is a list of some of our very favorites. Click on the name of each item, and it will link you to the item.

Schleich Animals
Schleich makes the best animal toys... from farm animals to aquatic animals to wild animals to dragons and unicorns- they have everything!

Waytoplay Tracks
We love these tracks. They're versatile and easy to move around, and they invite imaginative play!

Calico Critters
My girls spend many hours playing with Calico Critters- definitely a beloved gift in our household!

 Play silks
I always saw play silks on "gift lists" that I looked at when my girls were younger, and while I admired them, I always wondered if the price was worth it. My girls really do enjoy them though! They use them for dress up, to carry things in, as blankets, to hang between two chairs, and many other imaginative uses. I love the open ended-ness of them.

Art Supplies
My girls love art supplies of all types. There is a large range of art supplies - from Crayola Silly Scents to Beeswax crayons to watercolor paints to Foxy Casa earth paints... and of course many others! My girls love having just a plain piece of white computer paper best, but they also enjoy coloring books, construction paper, and artist journals.

Probably my favorite gift of all- books! My girls enjoy books and being read to, and we add to our home library often. If you click on the "Books" title above, it will take you to an amazon list I have with book ideas we love for younger children. There are many great book lists out there, though!

Magnetic Tiles
We have had magnetic tiles for a few years now, and they are a much loved toy. We have several sets now so that several girls can play at once and so that we can build bigger things!

Kinetic Sand
Kinetic sand is such a great creation - sand that isn't messy! My girls enjoy playing with it just for fun, and sometimes we also use it for schoolwork.

Electronic Drawing Pad
These boards allow for children to draw and then erase and make a new drawing. My girls have played with them at other children's houses. I think they'd make a great car toy or a toy for when children have to sit quietly for an extended amount of time.

Musical Instruments
We've had musical instruments since my girls were young. We invested in a nicer set a couple years ago. Music is so good for children, and these toys get lots of use.

Flyer Pogo Pals
My sister put one of these on her son's wish list, and I thought they looked like a brilliant toy for an active young child!

Stacking Dolls
I have bought unfinished stacking dolls and painted each of my girl's a set. They play with them so often! You can buy finished ones on amazon as well, if you aren't crafty, like the one below.

Bow and Arrow
My girls have bow and arrows, and they have a lot of fun with them. We love all the things from Treasures from Jennifer- it's a great shop, and the owner is sweet and gifted!

Geoboards are fun and also a great challenge for the brain to think mathematically.

ClickityClack Wooden Toys
This etsy shop makes unfinished wooden toys. I love to buy them, paint them, and give them as gifts. My girls play with these often, and they're really reasonably priced gifts. It's fun that I am able to personalize them when I finish them as well. I paint with cheap acrylic paints from Walmart and then put a sealer on them so the paint doesn't chip.

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