Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lyla's Development [21 Months]

This silly ball of energy is nearing two years old! But for now, I'm enjoying (almost) every minute of her being one.

Lyla loves babies, food, her blanky and paci, going places, singing and music, and getting her way.

She is loud. She screams when she's happy and when she's sad, and she talks all the time. She says a lot of things that aren't understandable, but she's talking.

She wants so hard to keep up with her sisters and do everything they do. She is very grumpy when she is told no, and she sometimes throws fits over it.

She loves running around and being independent. But if her sisters are near me or on me, she suddenly wants to be on my lap too. When she's sad or tired, or when I'm inevitably in the middle of making dinner, she likes to be held by me.

We have big plans for this girl in the next few months. We plan to take away her paci, potty train, and move her to a big girl's bed. Taking away the paci is probably the one that always terrifies me most. Thankfully, both of my other girls have done well with it. Here's to hoping Lyla does too!

7:30/8am - Wake up, Breakfast
12pm- Lunch
1/2pm- Nap (2-3 hour nap)
5/5:30pm- Supper
8pm- Bedtime

Baby dolls, food, going places, being outside, blanky and paci, candy and sweets, brushing her teeth, talking, singing and music

Not getting her way, when her sisters won't let her join, being told she can't have food, going back inside

She says a lot of words now, although many sound the same and many aren't understandable outside of context. If she's in the mood, she'll repeat any word I say. Some of her favorite (and clear) words are "baby" and "eye." She points out eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and hair (and belly, hands and feet), and she says all those words. She says mama, dada, grandma, Brielle, and Sophie. She says fork, spoon, and water. She says hi and bye bye. She says and signs please. She says shoes and socks. She says a number of other words, but those are her most clear words.

27.5 pounds


  1. Sweet little Lyla Jubilee, Grandma Lori sure does love you!!