Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Tale of Three Daughters Plus One More

Once upon a time, there was a husband and wife who had a little girl. And then another. And then another.

And in March of the year of 2016, they found out that they would be having their fourth girl.

Another girl. Another daughter. Another sister.

But different.

Because every little girl is different, and this little girl is the addition this family needed. So in some ways, she's "another girl." But in many ways, she's a new being, a new person, a new girl. a new daughter, a new sister. A perfect creation of the Lord of new life.

And this family is so excited to meet this little girl.

And we are that family, of course. I was sure this baby was a boy. Like, sure like I've never been before. There were reasons... spiritual, and personal, and scientific. But in my heart, I knew this baby was a boy. So when the ultrasound tech said, "It's a girl," my mind screamed No! No, it's not. It's a boy! I know it's a boy. But then I looked closely at the screen, and I knew the tech was right. Because I've seen enough girl ultrasounds by now, and I know what they look like.

So it took me 24 hours to process. When you're sure of something, and you're wrong, it's hard to re-process the actual reality. But after I had time to process, I was really excited about a girl. I love the ease of another girl. I love the special bond four sisters will have growing up together, so close in age. I love that they can share clothes and a bedroom. I love my three little girls, and I am so excited about a new one.

Our little girl was so sweet to watch on the ultrasound. She moved around a lot and let out a huge yawn. She had her feet all the way up by her face at one point! We're praising God for another baby whom He has fearfully and wonderfully made.


  1. I love her already!! -Grandma Lori

  2. Yay for another girl!! That last profile: it's a BABY! Still amazes me every time.