Monday, October 17, 2016

Violet's Development (2 Months)

Two months with this lovely babe <3 She's such a blessing! I typically do these updates every month, but I missed last month, so I'll be doing a two-in-one update in this post :)

First, some pictures to show you how much she's grown :)

Even though it's so nice when they sleep all the time and through everything, I love when they become more alert and more interactive! She certainly has become more interactive this past month. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Here are some month-by-month updates from the first two months.

1 Month

In the first month, Violet started smiling. She actually smiled super early... at 6 days. She is for sure my earliest smiler :)
She weighed 6 lbs 2 oz at her 2 week check-up which was up 5 oz from birth weight, which was excellent.
She nursed well from birth, and she has also been a great sleeper. From the beginning, she has been able to do a 4-5 hour stretch between nursing at night, and she even did up to 7 in the first month!
She struggled with pooping, and I often had to help her because she'd get uncomfortable. She went over a week without pooping!

Typical Schedule:
4am- Nurse
7am - Nurse
11am- Nurse
2pm- Nurse
5pm- Nurse
8pm- Nurse
10:30pm- Nurse
(Awake for 50min-1 hour and then down for nap)

2 Months

In her second month, she continued to smile and started smiling more! We love smiles!
She has started trying to talk to us, and she sometimes does get sounds out! Mostly she just tries though, and it's so sweet watching her move her mouth!
She learned how to poop without needing help this month :) Yay! I'm celebrating poops on a potty with my two year old and poops in a diaper with my baby. #ohmotherhood
We found out at her 7 week check-up that she had only gained one pound in 7 weeks of life which is on the low end, so my midwife gave me a list of things to do and came back a week later to check her weight again. By 8 weeks, Violet was up to 7 lbs 7 oz, meaning she gained 11 oz in one week! I am so happy that I am able to continue exclusively breastfeeding. It was a stressful week for me though. I felt like my body was failing me and really had to work to combat the lies. I never had a problem with my first two babies gaining weight. I had problems with Lyla, but not until she was a bit older. And now Violet was so young, and I was already having problems. It was disheartening, but I listened to my midwife and ate fatty foods, drank lots of water, and pumped... and had lots of prayer warriors on their knees... and the Lord was kind and she is gaining well now <3 Thank you, Jesus!
Violet recognizes her family now and smiles at us, even when we aren't talking to her but are simply looking at her! After Mommy, she seems to have taken to big sister Sophie the most. Brielle loves holding and being with her the most, but I think B is a bit too much for Violet sometimes.
Violet has gained good head control this month. When I hold her against my chest, she loves to hold her head up and look around. She's not nearly as floppy, but she still does have to be held with gentle care :)

4 or 5am- Nurse
7:30 or 8am- Nurse
11am- Nurse
2pm- Nurse
5pm- Nurse
7 or 8pm- Nurse
9 or 10pm- Nurse
(Awake for an hour and then typically sleepy)
(On the week where we worked to get her to gain weight, she often started nursing 8 times a day- sometimes even 9. I'm a sleep trainer, but I realized I needed to let that go to get her to gain weight. We are back to 7 nursing sessions on most days, but occasionally she'll nurse 8. I pump once or twice a day on top of that.)

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