Friday, December 16, 2016

Violet's Development (4 Months)

Oh, wow... the 4th child. It sure is hard to keep up with you, sweetheart. I already decided I would only do updates every other month for her in the first year (I did them every month for my other babies)... and I'm struggling to keep up with even that! Life! It just goes so fast.

But anyways... On December 12, Violet turned 4 months! The months sure do fly, and I have to say, I'm really just enjoying her. I'm a lot less strict in scheduling, and I hold her as much as I can (which is never enough, seriously!)

3 Months
She started giggling this month! Sweet baby giggles <3 She's outgrowing newborn clothing. She got her first cold this month. She's really a great baby. I can lay her down in her bouncer seat whenever I need to get things done, and she is content. We dedicated her to the Lord this month in front of our church family.

Typical Schedule:
4am - Nurse
8am- Nurse
11am- Nurse
2pm - Nurse
5pm- Nurse
7 or 8pm- Nurse
10pm- Nurse
(Typically up for an hour and 10 minutes before getting sleepy)

4 Months
She's getting close to rolling over (both ways), but hasn't yet! She wasn't the best sleeper, but she made up for it with lots and lots of smiles. She's a really smiley baby, and people make comments about her smiles all the time. She's ticklish under her chin, and she has a sweet little voice.

Typical Schedule:
2am- Nurse
5am- Nurse
8am- Nurse
11am- Nurse
2pm- Nurse
5pm- Nurse
7pm- Nurse
9pm- Nurse
(Typically awake for an hour and fifteen or an hour and half)
(This month was exhausting. She had a cold that was making her eat more often, and I also think she was having a growth spurt... plus, we moved). All of it combined, she was often eating 8 or 9 times a day rather than 7 like she had before. I desperately don't want to have to use formula even if it means tired nights.)

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  1. That is right time really does flies,Awwwww Violet is so so cute and i am totally in love with all of the pictures.Thank you for sharing.