Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lyla's Development (2 1/2 Years)

Lyla is now 2 1/2! In the past six months, she has potty trained, transitioned to being a big sister, learned to talk more, and continues to be silly and loud and throw tantrums.

Potty: She potty trained around a month after she turned two, just like her older sister Brielle. With both girls, when they turned two, I felt like they would never potty train. And they both trained just one month after! It's amazing how it eventually just clicks!

Words: Her words have really taken off lately. She talks a lot! Not all words are understandable, but her words are becoming clearer. She says her sisters' names much clearer now. She also no longer calls her blanky a "mimi"... she now says "blank." She says "pa baa" ("potty bad") for when she has to go to the bathroom. She realized when her sisters said they had to go bad that they got taken quicker to the bathroom, so she says it everytime now. She's a smart one. Some of my favorite words she says are "jumping," "my bedroom," "baby," "my turn now," "upstairs/downstairs," and "and me."

Likes: getting her way, holding hands, ring around the rosy, talking (loudly), baby dolls, hats, blanky, running in circles, doing everything her sisters do

Dislikes: being told no, not getting her way, having something taken from her

Wake: Around 8am
Nap: Between 1-2pm, Sleeps for at least two hours usually
Bedtime: 8:30pm. She isn't sharing a room with her sisters right now, and she's so good about just laying quietly in bed until she falls asleep.

Personality: Lyla is loud, stubborn, silly, sweet, and controlling. It's often hard for me to hear her sisters in the car because Lyla is talking to herself... loudly. She is very set in her ways and struggles when things don't go the way she thinks they should. She can be the sweetest, quietest girl one second (usually playing with her baby dolls), and the next second she is screaming and kicking her legs because her sisters took a toy she wanted. It's really hard to calm her down when she gets upset. She loves to be silly and to make others laugh. Sometimes she's my sweetest little girl, and I could just sit and watch her play forever... and other times I'm on my knees begging the Lord to show me how to raise this little one.


  1. Your last line--this is how I feel about our #3! Also, ours is the silliest as well, totally a jokester, the family clown, if you will. Yay for being potty trained!!

    1. Lots of mothers have warned me about their third children ;) Ben was a third child himself which explains a lot ;)