Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Brielle's Development (4 Years Old)

Happy 4th birthday to this sweet girl! She turned 4 on January 25. 

Personality: Brielle continues to be our sweet one. She loves her baby sister (as is evident with all the pictures), to the point that she overwhelms her. She's helpful and caring. She is really great at sharing. She loves to just sit with people, and she will give anyone a hug. She struggled with good-byes and goodnights, and she usually gives hugs over and over until you pull away and tell her you have to go! She has lately become quite the tattle-tale. She loves to tell on people and get them in trouble #notsosweet. She is our clumsy one. She has hurt her lip pretty badly three times this past year! 

Funny/Sweet Things:

-To Sophie: "I don't want your dreams on my cup. I just want my dreams on my cup." (she meant germs, haha!)

-Me: "What do you want for Christmas, Brielle?" Brielle: "I want baby Jesus."

- Brielle: "Where is baby Jesus now?" Grandma: "Well, he grew up and was a man and then he went to heaven, and now he sits at the right hand of the throne of God." Brielle: "How did he get there? Did he take a plane?"

-I'm drinky right now." (She always says drink instead of thirsty!)

Education: We still aren't doing any formal education with Brielle. We have family time every morning, where the girls and I together learn hymns, poems, verses, and folksongs. Through that time, Brielle has learned parts of many songs, poems, and verses. She knows nearly all of Psalm 23 and several poems. She knows and can write the letter B. She also knows i and l, so she writes her name as "Bill" hahaha! We better keep working on the r and e! She can count to 12, and then she starts skipping numbers and eventually says "a billion!" 

Loves: Her family, hugs, candy, being fed (so that she doesn't have to do it herself), holding Violet

Dislikes: Saying goodbye, Not getting to be with a person she likes, Not getting her way

For her fourth birthday, we just did a little celebration with the Miller grandparents (who we are living with right now), and then we went to the circus again, so we did a celebration with the Walton side of the family that night.

(Brielle really struggles to make decisions, so she took forever to answer some of these! She also has some very silly answers)
What's your favorite food? Applesauce
What's your favorite thing to play with? Toys ("be more specific") A door ("okayyyyyy")
What's your favorite movie or show? Peppa Pig and Daniel Tiger
What's your favorite song? The Wheels on the Bus
What"s your favorite verse? The Lord is my shepherd... (went on to say the rest of the verse)
What's your favorite book? A Bible story
What's your favorite color? Purple
What's your favorite Bible story? God (she's really got the classic answer down)
What do you like to do with Sophie? Play with her shirt ("Play with her shirt?!? What?")
What do you like to do with Lyla? Socking with her ("Socking? What is socking?") Like where you throw a ball to a sock ("What? Do you actually play that with her?!") Mmhmm
What do you want to do when you get older? Go to Alan's House (What? Does she remember she said that last year? We don't even live by Alan anymore!)
Okay, what do you want to BE when you get older? A firetruck man and I want to have a firetruck
What's your favorite animal? monkey
Who're your best friends? Weston and Calvin and Daisy ("What about your other friends?") Oh yeah, Calvin and Daisy's mom and dad and Weston's mom and dad." (haha! I was trying to get her to say Jaeda and Emma because that's who she usually says)
What makes you happy? People smiling at me
What makes you sad? Someone jumping on me
What are you really good at? Making Violet smile at me


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