Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Violet's Development (6 Months)

Sweet baby Violet is half a year old. I blinked and it happened. I'm so thankful we decided to have another baby. Sure can't imagine my life without her!

5 Months
Violet learned how to roll both ways this month. She is best at rolling from back to stomach. She loves to be stretched out and to be held so that she can stand on her feet. 

Typical Schedule:
I didn't do well at keeping track of her schedule this month!

6 Months:
Violet has started scooting herself backwards and in circles! She rolls over often now. She started her first foods (avocado, pumpkin, banana, and mango). She suddenly stopped taking a pacifier this month, and we stopped swaddling her arms to sleep. She started holding on to toys and has gotten good with her hand control. 

4am- Nurse (back to sleep)
6am- Nurse (back to sleep)
8am- Nurse (up for an hour and a half)
12pm- Nurse (up for an hour and a half or two)
3pm- Nurse
5:30pm- Nurse (naps around 6 for 45 min)
7pm- Nurse
9pm- Nurse
(Violet typically takes three naps, but sometimes four. She often takes a longer one now, close to two hours. She still nurses quite a bit- more than my other babies have at this month- but I haven't been as strict with scheduling her for a number of reasons. She usually nurses 7-8 times a day)


  1. I keep finding Cru several feet away from where I laid him. The spinning and scooting! Violet is plumping up!��

    1. I can't even believe our babies are starting to move!