Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sophie Turns Six

We are so thankful for Sophie! She is a responsible firstborn. She loves order and rules. She is the perfect one to be my first to homeschool as she learns fast and enjoys learning! She is creative and very crafty! She told us she wants her own craft room in our new house :) She loves animals and spends hours in the barn. She also loves stuffed animals and nearly always carries one around. She is very social and would spend all day with friends if she could. She loves memorizing verses and reading the Bible, and I pray these truths become more and more precious to her every day. Along with typical firstborn traits, she is bossy and thinks she knows everything. She becomes very attached to things and can pretty much make a treasure of anything, including trash. She has a lot of energy, and it's very hard for her to sit and rest... she also has holes in pretty much every pair of pants she owns. She hates to disappoint, but she often lives in her own world and forgets to do things that are asked of her.

She got a goat for her birthday, and her joy is evident in the pictures below :)  She named her goat Elena.

I didn't plan to do a party with anyone other than our immediate family this year, but then she started talking about her party and making her own invitations... so we had a small party and invited grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Activities: This past year, Sophie took a music class that introduced her to piano and other instruments and is designed to give children a love for music. She also took swim lessons. She attended Awana and completed her Sparks book in half a year. She's such a motivated and determined little girl! She also participated in a recital where she recited Psalm 23 and Christina Rossetti's poem Caterpillar.

Sophie Says:
- "I have to get a big poop out, but my little butt is little."
- "You can die by getting old or by getting in a fight or by getting eaten by an animal. And also by a tornado."
- One night the girls were all talking in bed and I went in and told them they had to go to bed, and if I had to come in again, they would get spankings. Sophie responded with:"But Mom.... I just can't NOT talk!"
- Me: "She was little. She was only seven." Sophie: "I wouldn't say seven is little. I would say it's medium."
- "Isn't it pretty amazing that God just tells the world what to do and it does it? Like, he said, "Let there be light" an there was."
- "You can get chocolate chip cookies at the store?!"
- "God made animals for us to be nice to and take care of. Except deer. We can shoot them."
- "I think Satan is somewhere in this van. Because he was trying to get me to say something bad to Brielle and I thought, "I know who that is, trying to get me to say that." So I said, "Go away, Satan!""
- "That's a pretty blue. I love that blue. I could fall over looking at that blue."
- "Mom, I try to do my very best every day!"
- "I let them on my bed to see if they would be good. Brielle kept tooting and laughing about it, and Lyla kept kicking my bed. So I said, "Ooook, I'm over this.""

Likes: stuffed animals, real animals, friends, crafts, books, movies, memorizing, awards
Dislikes: being left alone, being bored, cooked carrots, when people don't follow rules, naps or resting

Sophie Interview:
What's your favorite food? Hm, that's hard. I'll go with bananas.
What's your favorite thing to play with? My bear
What's your favorite movie or show? I'll go with Sofia.
What's your favorite song? The First Noel
What's your favorite book? The Caboose That Got Loose
What's your favorite color? Light pink
What's your favorite Bible story? Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I have a lot but that's my most favorite. 
What do you like to do with Brielle? Play hide n seek. Wait, no. Actually, playing hand games
What do you like to do with Lyla? Play jumping away from her on the bed when she tries to hit me with the spanking paddle (My kids are weird...)
What do you want to do when you get older? I want to be a vet.
What's your favorite animal? My favorite animal is... that's hard... I'll say dog. I like cats and dogs.
Who are your best friends? Khloe. Oh, and Addie.
What makes you happy? Being outside in the barn with my pet goat and cat. I like being out in the barn. It just feels like my home in the barn.
What makes you sad? When we're planning to hang out with friends and then we don't get to
What are you really good at? Climbing
What's your favorite Bible verse? John 3:14-16 (she learned this verse for Awana and knows it by heart)

Weight: 47 lbs Height: 46 1/2 in

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