Thursday, May 4, 2017

Violet's Development (8 Months)

In one week, this sweet girl turns 9 months... so I figured I better get her 8 month development blog written!  Where does life go? I just got really bad at blogging in the months of March and April! Anyways, this sweetie is growing, and I don't want to forget all the fun of watching her grow!

7 Months: Sitting up (but floppy). Grew her first two teeth (bottom middle). Tried some more foods and getting better at keeping them in her mouth. Loves to plank, and can push herself backwards or sideways, but no official crawling yet. 

8 Months: Sitting up well, has started babbling quite a bit and has the sweetest voice as she says "bababa," has started sleeping long at night (quite a few nights of 9pm-7/8am, although it's not uncommon for her to still wake up once in the night, typically around 4:30am)

Likes: being held, nursing and food, being around singing and clapping, when her sisters talk to her (but not when they hold her), her blanky, being outside (she likes sitting in the grass), car rides (she is a great traveller!), baskets and buckets that she can reach into and grab toys out of

Dislikes: baths, seeing mommy but not being held, sisters holding her tight or touching too much

Personality: Violet is really a fairly good baby and a happy little girl. She loves her mommy and is especially good and happy when being held. She gets whiny if she is sat on the floor and can see Mommy but isn't being held. But she does great for others and is good in the nursery. She smiles a lot and loves when people talk to her or sing to her. She isn't the best sleeper, but she's a good sleeper and consistent enough. Developmentally, she's right on target... not ahead of the curve and not behind.

Schedule: I've decided it's just really not worth my time to keep a good schedule with Violet. We have a decent routine that works... she's the fourth child, so she often just goes with the flow. She typically naps two to three times a day right now and sleeps well at night. Her first nap often is from 10am-12pm... but often it's not too ;). Her second nap usually begins around 2pm. Her last nap is short and usually goes from 6-7ish. She usually cries for a short while when I lay her down, and sometimes she cries so long that I have to go in and either nurse her or get her up. She's petite, and she refuses a pacifier, so she's definitely nursing more than my other babies did at this age- around 7 times, I think. I'm fine with it. She's most likely my last baby I'll get to nurse, and I enjoy being with her :)

A few sister pictures:


  1. Wow... how cute the baby is. I love the mile of her and the adorable expressions. She looks like an angel.